Workshop in Heddal, Norway  Workshop in Fyrileivstugo in Norway with the participation of Krzysztof Czyżewski. 2016.08.29 - 10 a.m.
About exhibition "Invisible Bridge" in Triest new issue of the magazine artSpace artSPACE n. 15 2014-2016/ anno quindicesimo numero quindici duemilaquattordici-duemilasedici Citizens of today’s multicultural societies are able to build material bridges utilizing mind-boggling technologies, but are often helpless in the face of the crisis of relationships based on invisible bridges. 
Tale Workshop Tale Workshop The Workshop will be dedicated to two great archetypes, symbols of our culture, the concepts the have accompanied Borderland's work since the beginning: the Bridge and Other - Alien. The sessions will include author's meetings, seminars and lectures referring to the cultural meanings of the myth of Medea and the significance of the icon of the bridge. Participants, by recalling personal  experiences of the transition and by creating emotional bridge maps and exploring the elements of ritual, will create their own...
Mysteries of Childhood Workshop Mysteries of Childhood Workshop refers to childhood and collects concepts connected with the cradle, home and hearth (e.g. to grandparents, nannies lullabies, rhymes, bedtime, toys, secrets etc.). It also deals with the experience of venturing outside home, starting in the world and first contacts with otherness. The event will take the form of theatre workshops and will be conducted by Bożena Szroeder - director of children's  GRANDPARENTS' AND PARENTS' TOYS
Krasnogruda Pantry Workshop KRASNOGRUDA PANTRY WORKSHOP a multigenerational workshop with the participation of residents of Krasnogruda and its environs, it  collects information on herbs, medicinal plants, teaches how to recognize and use the herbs found in the surrounding gardens, forests and meadows. It also deals with the rhythm of the land and dependencies between the seasons and nature. Its activities are also come down to offering lessons - workshops on plants and their use in everyday life. The workshop is run by Mariola Mitros -...
Mask Workshop Its activities  refer to the traditions of the ancient Greek theatre, but also to the local traditions of the Baltic nations. In addition to the cultural topics related the theme of the mask, a whole block meetings of the workshop will concern the psychological aspects of the topic. It will revolve around  the issue of concealment and disclosure of our self, of our emotions and self-creation.
Deep Song Studio It refers to the rich tradition of regional song - Lithuanian, Belarussian, Jewish, Russian Old Believers and also Polish songs. It works through workshops of religious, May or Midsummer Night songs going along the liturgical or natural calendar, including also research and documentary work on collection of old songs. It gathers around 40 adults, inhabitants of the Polish and Lithuanian villages from the environs of Krasnogruda.  The Studio is run by Wojciech Szroeder - musician and theatre director. Lithuanian Choirs Review in...
Bridge Library  Bridge Library Workshop   It creates thematic collections (books, movies, music CDs, prints, paintings, drawings, newspaper articles), related to the topics of: bridge, coexistence, otherness, strangeness, Medea and the Argonauts, ancient Greece, Colchis, ancient mysteries and theatre, myth and culture. 
Workshop Leaders WORD AND TALE WORKSHOP Krzysztof Czyżewski - practitioner of idea, essayist and animator of intercultural activities,  founder of the Borderland Foundation and the Centre “Borderland of Arts, Cultures and Nations.” In 2011, together with the "Borderland" team, he opened the International Centre for Dialogue in Krasnogruda on the Polish-Lithuanian border. Among his books are "The Path of the Borderland" and "The Line of Return." He has been an initiator of intercultural dialogue programs...
Golden Fleece Workshop The Golden Fleece Workshop (Archaeology of Memory) will be created by high school youth. Their classes and workshops will be based on collecting stories about the place, meetings with witnesses of old times, conversation in the young people's families, and on  remembering the old neighbourhood. The collected stories will build the content of the Book of the Bridge that will be written during the Village of Bridge Builders. The whole will be recorded and documented. The Workshop will be run by Małgorzata Sporek-Czyżewska - artist...
Earth Workshop The Earth Workshop will concentrate on the themes related to the "rhythms" of nature. Guided by its masters (ethnologists, ornithologists, botanists, senior residents, herbalists, etc.), it will explore the rituals and ceremonies connected with the Earth and nature calendar - the four seasons. Their task will be to find these threads in mythologies, local legends and oral traditions associated with the directly surrounding nature (trees, lake, herbs, animals, birds). The output of the Workshop will be a kind of an artistic...
Weaving Workshop Weaving Workshop The inspiration for this artistic work studio are rich weaving traditions of our region:  Polish, Lithuanian and Belarusian, double-warp, double weave and the so called sejpaki weaving . Participants (multigenerational group with the masters including folk artists specializing in Lithuanian and Belarusian weaving) will jointly produce one fabric, which will become part of the collective work on the stage design at the time of the Village Bridge Builders.  During the sessions, young people forming the...
Picture and Sound Studio Picture and Sound Studio invites those interested in contemporary visual technology to create under artists' tutelage work on the borderline of video-art, visualization and document -  both photographic and video work, applying modern methods of work to relate to the issues of the place, otherness, bridge, border, meetings, exclusion etc. The participants will learn basic principles of working with sound in the field of acoustics, field recording, editing of sound effects and sound in the film. It also conducts field recording -...
Sutartines, Music of the Place Studio Sutartines, Music of the Place Studio Music of the Place Studio The project is based on the search for a new sound of sutartines - traditional Lithuanian polyphonic songs from the Sejny environs. The idea behind the project is to compose a new musical sound basing on traditional songs. The sessions are conducted by both experts in traditional music, ethnomusicologists, as well as young composers and instrumentalists from Poland and Lithuania. The project will be based on workshops (instrumental, arrangement, composition and...

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Koncert Bożonarodzeniowy w Białej Synagodze  


Obrus Babci Krystyny  / Grandma Christina’s tablecloth


Zbigniew Machej w Krasnogrudzie

| 25.07.2018 | Krasnogruda


Leszek Szaruga w Krasnogrudzie

| 27.10.2018 | Krasnogruda


Andrzej Jagodziński | 18.07.2018 | Krasnogruda



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