Anxiety/ Передчуття – the exhibition of Volodymyr Loboda

The poster announcing the exhibition of Volodymyr Loboda's engravings

The Borderland Foundation is proud to announce the opening of the exhibition of Volodymyr Loboda’s engravings in the White Synagogue on 2 August 2022 at 18:00 with his daughter, Solomia, as the special guest.

Volodymyr Loboda is a legendary Ukrainian underground artist, sculptor, poet and essayist. was born on July 6, 1943 in Dnepropetrovsk. From 1965 to 1968 he studied at the Kyiv Art Institute. Then he entered the Faculty of Architecture at the Dnepropetrovsk Institute of Civil Engineering , which he graduated in 1973. Since 1981 he has lived in Lviv.

As an artist he has always searched for new means of expression and has declared himself as an innovator. In the 1970s he remained under the scrutiny of the Soviet secret service.

The first individual exhibition of Loboda’s works took place in 1990 in the Lviv Art Gallery.
The reproductions of Volodymyr Loboda’s works are accessible online.