The Borderland/Ukraine: Fine Arts

The poster that announces the exhibition of the Ukrainian artists in Sejny

Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine the Borderland team has helped a number of Ukrainian artists in exile to work and present their work to the audience. We are happy to have them as our residents.

On 22 April the Borderland Foundation invited the audience to the exhibition in the White Synagogue. Its title was the Borderland and it was a story about Ukrainian artists and the foundation residents whose work was devoted to exploring and defining their own borderland experience that expands between war and peace, that is stretched in time when life is divided into “before” and “after” and the memories about the past are confronted with the tomorrow that is unknown. The artists have created their works in different artistic forms, responding to the war in Ukraine and the mystery of life, the fleeting moment which remains with us against all odds.

Mariia Vasylets was the manager and the curator of the exhibition and Olga Tkachova “VONA” was its designer.

On 10 June there was a meeting with Julia Omelchenko, an artist and director who works under the nickname of Tvoya Yulich. The meeting took place in Zustrich. It was called The Experiments with the Unspoken. A Presentation of Artistic Performances.

Tvoya Yulich is a director and the author of the project “You Are in Your Own Country” on which you can find out more online. She was born in 1978 in Donetsk. Her work is a blending of poetry and drama that has been interpreted through the impressionist way of presenting history. The projects enable Tvoya Yulich to work with likeminded people on theatre plays, theatre performances, shooting films that deal with different social issues but what is the most important for her is the dialogue that individual people conduct with themselves and others.

Another event that Zustrich hosted was the exhibition introducing the audience to a number of artists. It was open between 18 June and 3 July was called VOICES/ГОЛОСИ.

Another artist is Leonid Szmatko whose exhibition Resuscitation was open in Tamara Sołoniewicz Galery in Narewka between 24 May and 24 June 2022.

Leonid Szmatko, the director of the School of Fine Arts in Severodonetsk in Ukraine painted a series of works in the Narewka district where he found shelter and regained artistic vitality. Leonid’s exhibition is his message of gratefulness to all the Polish people who are helping Ukraine and to the people who have organized the residency for him in particular.

Leonid has donated his works for the auction to support the defense of Ukraine