Kaunas Cantata and the Klezmer Orchestra of the Sejny Theatre.

The poster of the Kaunas Cantata event

On 1 October 2022 on Saturday the oratorium Kaunas Cantata was performed for the first time. It was performed to honour Kaunas as the European Capital of Culture of 2022. The composers of the work were Philip Miller from the RSA and Jenny Kagan, a renowned artist and a space architect from the UK.

The composition is interwoven with the narratives about the difficult history of the 20th century and the history of Kaunas which suffered a lot. The solo parts of the concert were given to the victims of communism and the Holocaust: Bella Shirin and Violeta Rakauskaite-Shtromas.

The impressively huge band of musicians was conducted by Karolis Variakojis.

Jenny Kaga, a cousin of our friend, the late Irene Veisaite, designed an impressive space for the Kaunas music show. All the artists were put on separate platforms including the Klezmer Orchestra of the Sejny Theatre was accompanied by Alicja Sak-Chmielewska playing the accordion and Radek Chmielweski playing the saxophone. Apart from the Klezmer Orchestra the other performers were Kaunas Symphony Orchestra, Lithuanian folk bands, soutartine singers, two choirs and one childens’ choir. The audience could follow the show sitting between these platforms.

The venue of the event is special too as it is the biggest hall in Lithuania – the sports hall of a famous sports team, Żalgirys Kaunas.
For more about the Kaunas 2022 series of events see its web page.