Multicultural traditions for the youngest

A visit in the local museum (photo by Bożena Szroeder)

The Borderland is happy to inform about an unusual event for the children from the primary school from Sejny.

The children (the fourth grade) take part in a special project called ‘’the Class of Multicultural Traditions”. They have recently visited a local museum in Suwałki in order to become introduced to the oldest history of the earliest settlers in the region.

The lesson in the museum was devoted to reindeer hunters, Yotvingians, Balts, their tools, settlements and clothes. One of the attractions was that children had an opportunity to wear the replicas of traditional Balt clothes and robes. Besides that the participants could also take part in the special workshop of designing copper jewellery and decorative items with the use of the patterns of the earliest Balt tribes.
They were also guided in the museum and saw the exhibition devoted to the earliest history of the region.