A Tale of the Dying Ash Tree – the pond

The activities in the part and near the pond in Krasnogruda

The pupils of the Krasnow primary school took part in the walk in the park in Krasnogruda and near the pond in the park.

In the drops of water that we collected from the pond we could see water fleas. Actually, some of them can be noticed without the magnifying glass and then they look like tiny grains devoid of those funny tiny limbs of theirs. It is quite intriguing that in spring water fleas head is round whereas in winter it grows longer. Not to mention the fact that reproduction often takes place without the male.

It may sound as a surprise but we did see a cyclop. It is a common freshwater crustacean that swims very fast and looks a bit like a torpedo. Its Polish name is oczlik and its English name is copepod. Copepod have only got one big eye and have no heart as an organ.