The Tale of Sacred Trees – the beginning of the new project

The first workshop on the sacred trees project

The Borderland is happy to announce the new educational project which is called The Tale of Sacred Trees.

The first meeting was devoted to the idea of the project and planning the timetable.

The teenagers who will be taking part in the project met the people who will contribute their experience, knowledge and skills to it who are Daria Kopiec, a theatre and film director, Dominika Turowicz and Aleksandra Kotarska, the artists and painters who the Borderland cooperates with and Wiesław Szumiński, an artist, painter, sculptor and illustrator. In the project there will also be the documentalists and the volunteers whose work will be required to make it go.

Moreover, young people and their parents and grandparents will look upon the tales about nature and its presence in the local life.

A set of diverse workshops are planned. They will include journalism, literature, fine arts, filmmaking and music. The stories about Lithuanian holy trees, herbs collected by the women from the Old Believers community, the wreaths woven for the day of Virgin Mary in August, local legends about storks and many other narratives will be the basis for the Great Book of the Tales about Nature and for ten scripts for animated movies.