Musicians' Raft: Raphael Rogiński and Egil Kalman

Raphael Rogiński and Egil Kalman -- the poster

After Frank London and Lorin Sklamberg, Raphael Rogiński and Egil Kalman were another two guests of the Musicians' Raft Series.

Raphael Rogiński and Egil Kalman performed tgether with the Klezmer Orchestra of the Sejny Theatre. The performance took place in the White Synagogue, Sejny, yesterday at 20:00.
Raphale Rigiński is a famous avant-guarde guitarist. He is a musician and educator. His interests are focused on traditional Jewish music and music experiments.

Egil Kalman was born in Norway but studied n Sweden and Denmark. He is one of the most original double bass playersin the world. In his performance he used a special instrument that he designed himself.
The music that he plays and composes is based on Scandinavian folk tradition.
The performance of the Borderland guests was registered and you can watch it here.