The Hidden City

The graphic emblem of the Hidden City project

One of the educational projects that the Borderland Foundation is proud of is the one called the Hidden City from 2020.

A team of young people who worked in the Chronicles of Sejny Studio had regular meetings with the oldest citizens of Sejny in order to listen to the stories that they had remembered about the Sejny from before decades. The stories that were thus collected were used in working on the map of the town which was unique in the way that the topographic elements which the map included were enriched by the personal and emotional details from the stories that tell about he events from the past.

The participants, supervised and supported by the artists gave each of the stories an artistic shape contributing thus to the final result that the map was and that included mini-stories, anecdotes and recollections about the people and places.

An important element of the project was including the places that were crucial for the young participants and the history of their families.

The map was officially presented to the audience during a special event that was the announcement of the end of the work.