The new series of classes: the Old Believers

A visit to Grabowe Góry

The Borderland has launched a new series of classes and workshops which will be devoted to the customs and traditions of the Old Believers.

So far the participants have been introduced to the origins of the split within the Russian Orthodox Church and its consequences. This introduction was necessary so that the group would appreciate the visit to the village of Grabowe Grądy, where they were hosted by the local community of the Old Believers whose representatives showed us the church, the cemetery, the community room and the little local museum.

The Old Believers community members explained some theological details which made it possible for us to understand more the nature of the split in the 17th century and how the liturgy and traditions make the community different from the Catholic and Orthodox tradition. We were shown liturgical vestments and sacred objects but also traditional tools that used to be used by the carpenters from the Old Believers community (it was quite often that the Old Believers became carpenters) and the library of traditional books. Apart from that, we also had an opportunity to talk about the challenges that the community is facing.

It is difficult to find words for the hospitality and openness with which the Old Believers welcomed their guests.

Thank you!