Piotr Damasiewicz Into the Roots in the Sejny Jazz Coopeartive

Piotr Damasiewicz live

The Borderland is happy to announce the performance of Piotr Damasiewicz Into the Roots with the guest participation of Mustapha El Boudani.

The concert will take place in the Jazz Cooperative venue in Sejny on 29 July at 19.00.

Mustapha El Boudani is a world-famous musician and singer from Morocco.

Into the Roots is a band that uses both ethnic songs and melodies and plays their own music inspired by folk and roots music. Another distinctive feature of the band is free jazz improvisation and vigorous groove. Finally, a constitutive element of the band’s music is trance which underlines its ethnic character. Trance elements are present because of the use of traditional Hindu, African, Slavonic and, recently, Moroccan instruments. The band keeps on extending sources of inspiration and thus enriching its music. In 2022 Into the Roots was on a tour in Mexico.