A meeting with Egidijus Aleksandravičius

A photograph taken during the meeting devoted to Atanas Baranauskas

The Borderland is happy to have hosted a meeting with Egidijus Aleksandravičius who is both a world-famous Lithuanian historian and a friend of the Borderland.

The meeting took place on August 11. It was organized in order to introduce its participants to the life story of Atanas Baranauskas who was a great Lithuanian poet, scholar and the bishop from Sejny.

All his life Barabauskas tried to understand the Other and to link what was disjointed between the communities of Lithuanians and the Poles in the borderland region of Sejny and to build bridges which were necessary for the two groups but which were incessantly demolished by history.

The participants listened to Baranauskas’ poetry. There was also a surprise too as two of the participants had prepared two songs which were in Lithuanian and were based upon his poetry.