The Minicentre of the World

Clay models of the Sejny buildings prepared by the participants of the Minicentreactivies

The Minicentre of the World is one of the key-concepts of the Borderland Foundation. It is also the name of one-year-long project for the primary school children.

Fourth-grade primary school students took part in workshops devoted to music, filmmaking and art. They could listen to lectures, see presentations and go on study trips in order to be introduced to the traditions and customs of different religious and ethnic groups that used to live in the neighbourhood of Sejny: Poles, Lithuanians, old orthodox Russians, Belarussians, Jews and Gypsies.

The project ended with the special event held in the White Synagogue when the participants could show the results of their work such as sculptures, Orthodox icons, Lithuanian ribbons, models of Gypsy wagons. They als performed traditional folk songs connected with each ethnic group.