The Tales of Sacred Tress -- the results so far

An image from one of the animated films from the new Sacred trees series

Borderland is happy to announce that four new films from the new animation series have been completed.

Last week the group of young filmmakers whose work was supervised by the wonderful artists and educators, Joanna Polak (a film director), Urszula Wasilewska (a visual artist) and Dominika Ludwig (a visual artist) managed to complete four films.

The films are based on four tales: about the orchard of great-grandmother Julia, about the mysterious stone in the mysterious forest, about the clothes of the goddess Laima and about a village community digging the peat.

The photograph that supplements this entry is taken from the animated film based upon the tale about the does which lived in the orchard of great-grandmother Julia. This tale comes from the family history of Zosia Kondzielewska, who is one of our participants.