Art Books – the new project is launched

An illustration from one of the previous Borderland artbooks

The Borderland is happy to announce that on 17 June Małgorzata Sporek-Czyżewska launched the series of workshops of the Art Book Studio which will be a part of the Sejny Arts Academy .

The participants got to know one another and together worked on the time table for the weeks to come. They also talked about their favourite books and about what they find fascinating in literature and which was the first book ever read by them.

The work of this group will be devoted to the issue of an art book. At the end of the project each participant will design and create their own art book which will contain their own individual narratives.

The workshops will be conducted by Małgorzata Czyżewska who has been managing and coordinating the Borderland Publishing house for over 30 years.