The Music Studio: we are all synaesthetes

A photograph from the discussion about synaestesia

The Borderland’s Music Studio is happy to have hosted another meeting which was a part of the Sejny Arts Academy series.

The meeting was devoted to a peculiar phenomenon which is synaesthesia. Is it a particular kind of a disease or rather a magical skill of the mind? During the meeting the participants discussed the idea of absolute music in the context of the hypothesis proposed by one of contemporary scientists according to which we are all born synaesthetes but with time we learn how to distinguish one sense from another. This led us to questions concerning musical imagination. We listened to some pieces of music, to several different works and different sounds in order to ‘’see” in them shapes, impressions or a particular colour. Finally, our discussion drew us towards the idea of impressionism, its assumptions and means of expression.

The meeting finished after we listened to Maurice Ravel’s Daphnis et Chloé with the flights off.
Another meeting is coming soon!