The ABC Book of Sejny

The leaflet informing about the ABC Book project

The ABC Book of Sejny was a series of artistic activities when through art and education the children from the primary school in Sejny were introduced to the cultural heritage of their hometown and its neighbourhood.

The close up look was taken into the heritage of Poles, old-orthodox Russians, Lithuanians, Gypsies and the Jewish ex-neighbours. The introduction into different customs and traditions was through the workshops on music, art and films, through lectures and study trips. The guides and teachers were the renowned artists who represented each of the ethnic groups. There were also meetings with the etnographers. Among the places that the participants visited were the old orthodox church and the Lithuanian Museum in Puńsk, Poland.

The ABC program was finished with a special celebration day for schools with the concert of traditional songs and the results of artistic workshops: icons written by our participants, sculptures of houses, low reliefs of Gypsy wagons, family trees and photographs.