Art Books, books, scriptures and letters – two meetings

A photograph from the meeting with Monika Krajewska

The participants of the Artbook project had an opportunity to take part in two exceptional meetings.

The special guest of the first one was Monika Krajewska who is a famous expert in Hebrew calligraphy and an artist. The meeting was devoted to Hebrew alphabet, Hebrew calligraphy and Hwebrew books. It was divided into a historical and theoretical introduction and the workshops during which Monika Krajewska and the participants worked on the collages based on the Hebrew alphabet.

Three days later the participants of the Artbook project went to Puńsk where they could talk to The Rev. Tomasz Dostatni who had a talk about books within the Christian tradition and how with each epoch the preparation edition and design of books changed. The talk was concluded with the discussion about the importance of the printed word and books these days