A Tale of the Dying Ash Tree – the observations and composing music for the theatre play

A Tale of the Dying Ash Tree -- outdoor activites

On Saturday, 20 May 2023, the pupils from a local primary school in Krasnow paid a visit to Krasnogruda so as to continue their work on the theatre play about the dying ash tree.

While taking the walk with Urszula Zajączkowska, a Polish botanist, poet and artist we found out new things about the lives of animals, the ‘’personalities” of each of the kinds of trees, about how trees feel in the Krasnogruda park and why ash trees suffer and slowly disappear from our landscape. With the tiny sample of the ash tree wood we prepared a special preparation which allowed us to see that a yearly growth of this kind of trees is minimal and that its living tissue is a bit more than one millimeter.

Another part of the activities was devoted to music. Under the supervision of Magdalena Barszcz we found out what the dynamics of music is like, how its pitch influences our emotions and how we can make a music instrument from what we have found in the forest. Finally, the first pieces of music for our theatre play were prepared.